Get to know You Don't Know Me

Meet Veeps:

Creative, corporate stooge, part-time evil mastermind and obsessive dog mom. 

Why YDKM?  This show was created as a means to break the mold. In a diverse, growing city like Atlanta, everyone has a story. We're lucky enough to get to meet them and tell the world what makes them special. 

Meet Groot: 

A cat-owning, improv-loving, scientist with a penchant for horror movies and red wine. 

Why YDKM? Because it lets you look into lives of people you wouldn't normally see in the media, and provides a medium to hear real stories from people with all different kinds of experiences. 

Meet Tink:

A quirky, cat-owning, vegetarian and bookworm with a chronic case of wanderlust.

Why YDKM? Because I get free gin and it gives me an excuse to hang with the gang while exploring the lives of the interesting folks that grace this planet!

Meet Medusa: 

A trans, nerd monster-woman who loves bugs and slime as much as she does pop culture and mythology. 

Why YDKM? Because every single person has a story just as multifaceted and interesting as your own. There are so many things that go into making one person special. It’s rare that you actually get to sit down and prod people like this. Makes you feel like an alien dissecting some farmers or something.