020 Tinder Files: J-Man, Between Love and Cynicism

In our fifth Tinder Files episode, J-Man weaves us a tale about how his (often hilarious) Tinder shenanigans, along with his crazy friends, brought him back to life after crushing heartbreak.

The music in this episode is courtesy of www.bensound.com

Note from J-Man: 

"I randomly realized I never sent a picture for the blog post and I think I have the perfect one for you.

I mentioned that I sold the engagement ring when we were recording. Two days later I went and got this tattoo. It's the number of the house in the background. I lived there after she broke it off and the number is a reminder for me that shitty things happen but there's always hope and it always get better. I took this picture recently with some of the friends who helped me during that time of my life."

Mentions and More Information

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