Episode 008: Goblin Puncher 2K14

Return guest, Medusa, along with new guest, The Wizard, school Veeps in the ways of Dungeons and Dragons. We talk about everything, from some of the most anti-climatic death scenes, to what to do when things get morbid, and why this one girl keeps picking prostitutes.

NOTE: Both Medusa and the Wizard joined us over Skype for this episode, so apologies for the loss in audio quality at times.

These are sketches of our dungeons and dragons characters mentioned in the episode (top left: Corporate Recruiter from Shadowrun; Bottom left: Medusa's Bad Ass Lady; Right: The Wizard's Rogue), all done by Harponious

Looking to try out DnD for yourself? Here are our recommendations (all version 5): 

Looking to jump right in? This is a basic starter set that would give players enough to run a very simple campaign with a watered down version of the Player's Handbook. 

For players: Fifth edition player's handbook (this serves as the core of the game) 

For aspiring Dungeon Masters: the Dungeon Master's Guide, which helps DM's plan their games.

Also for Dungeon Masters: The Monster Manual helps DMs pull monster info and stats.