Episode 014: Sage, Spirits and Modern Witchcraft

Now that summer is over, Autumn is here! Along with everything Pumpkin Spice (yes, we’re basic too), this means Halloween, the Occult and spooky ghost stories.

In today’s unique episode, YDKM’s very own host, Tink, opens up about her life as an Eclectic Witch or as she likes to call herself, a Kaleidoscope Mystic. She covers all the need-to-knows: from what ‘modern witchcraft’ really means, to rituals, and of course, her enduring love of faeries. Veeps chimes in with stories of her encounters with spirits, that time she stumbled into a coven doing a ritual in Freedom Park, and what it’s like having friends with abilities that are not easy to explain.

One of Tink's Tarot card decks and her beloved amethyst pendulum. 

Editor’s note: We talk about Psychic Vampires in this episode, and if you consider yourself one, it is not always considered bad! So we do apologize if we came off a bit negative, we just want to emphasize the need for consent.

If you’re interested to learn more about Witches and the Occult, we’ve included recommendations below. Along with the Internet and books, Tumblr has a lot of great information that could help. The best thing about being a witch is there is no wrong way to do it!!!

Tink's Recommendations

The Essentials: 

Places and things: 

Phoenix and Dragon- Local Book and Occult Shop (Sandy Springs, GA)
Crystal Blue - Book and Occult Shop (Little Five Points, Atlanta)