036: The Charisma Doctor

If you’ve seen the 2005 movie Hitch, you’re already familiar with what Patrick Zgambo does. He’s a charisma coach, matchmaker, meetup organizer, and magician, but he didn’t start out this way. Eight years ago, Patrick found himself lying in a hospital bed alone, after surviving what should have been a fatal motorcycle accident. As he struggled through the long recovery process, he stumbled into a very important epiphany about love and how we can all be a little better at it. Tune in to hear his story, and read more of his useful tips about building charisma, creating real connections and taking control of your life below.

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More Information

As promised on the show, Patrick is offering YDKM listeners an early (and free) release of his new 5 day course on how to approach people with more confidence here: Free Approach Course. 


Patrick Zgambo

a.k.a. Perfect Z, Charisma Coach

(Left to right: Patrick's public avatar and Patrick wearing his famous shirt!) 

  • Food N Friends ATL Meetup group: "A meetup to make new friends and eat at good restaurants! It's not just for foodies, it's for people who love to eat! 

    We made this group because we were tired of the long wait list at other foodie meetups, we wanted to get discounts to restaurants by eating as large groups, and also wanted to make it easier for people to make new friends in Atlanta."

  • Patrick's Facebook, and PerfectZ.com and the easiest way to keep tabs on his many projects! 

  • 1v1 Me IRL Meetup: "Atlanta's newest Meetup group dedicated to helping Gamers, Otakus, Nerds and Geeks of all types make new friends and explore Atlanta. We host bar events, club events,  food events, karaoke, and everything else under the sun that will help you make new like minded friends in a welcoming environment."

  • Articles written by Patrick including "How to Add Value (for Beginners)". Worth a read! 

  • The original Reddit post for "Advice to the next generation of players": "In these two years I’ve gone through a lot, I did a 1000 approach challenge, a 30 day club challenge (multiple times), I took on students (one of which was autistic), I studied magic and just finished my first paying magic gig, I studied photography and started doing photo shoots with amateur models, I helped start and now run multiple meet up groups, I’ve sang on stage badly with bands and I’ve even done multiple dancing lessons. I even outsourced my online dating profiles for a while and had teams in India setup dates for me. After all this my life has stabilized a bit and I now have some clarity too look back on. This is what I wish I was told, outside of all the programs outside of all the books, and understood clearly before I started out..."

Speed Dating Do's and Don'ts: 

  • The push-up video that made Veeps and Patrick both cringe - and laugh - while getting serious hits!