039: sQuishiepuss: From Sucking to Success

With his wry wit and radical candor, sQuishiepuss has a way of cutting straight through pretenses. In this doozy of an episode, he talks being a small town punk and how hitting rock bottom, twice, taught him valuable lessons about investing in himself. We especially love his “do what you love and don’t be an asshole” mantra and his enduring belief that a little bit of punk-era ‘f**k the system’ is what the world really needs.

The music in this episode is courtesy of www.bensound.com. 

We couldn't leave out the infamous Pee-wee Herman story, could we? So, sQuishiepuss is back in a bonus minisode! Be sure to listen to sQushiepuss's original interview before tuning in.

sQuishiepuss in YDKM Atlanta studio